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Memorial Dome

Custom Made Memorial Dome

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They are available in three sizes – approximate measurements are:

  • Small 7cm wide x 8cm high
  • Medium 9cm wide x 10cm high
  • Large 11cm wide x 12cm high

Galaxy Memorial Domes are our most popular design and are a beautiful way to incorporate ashes into glass. A spiralling trail of ashes combine with swirls of your selected colour to honour the memory of your loved one.

Effervescent bubbles combine with ashes and the colour of your choice to honour the memory of your loved one. Ashes are discretely hidden behind playful bubbles. These memorial orbs are subtle and decorative.

Gold on Black
A classic combination of 24 carat gold leaf on a black background with a trail of ashes. An elegant and personal way to remember that special person.

Memorial Domes are discrete and beautiful objects of personal significance that are ideal to keep in your workspace, or anywhere in your home.

Each memory orb is hand made with love and respect. They measure approximately 7cm high by 7cm wide.

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