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09/10/2002 - 08/04/2017


I adopted my little guy 8 years ago on the 6th of March. He was abandoned at a kennel that luckily enough my aunt was working at; so she told us about the opportunity to save a Cavalier from being destroyed. When we first got him we were told he may have 1year with him but I got 8 years, he is...was deaf, one of his leg/hip ligaments had been injured in a vet operation before I adopted him so he walked with a bit of a crab walk making his leg drag a bit on the ground. His previous owners didn't look after his teeth properly so over the years I had to slowly get his teeth removed. He has always been a fighter, he fought to live as long as he did, he fought to live with all his health issues to have a healthy and happy life, he had a few health scares and fought through them to come home, he fought to live with his heart murmur, we fought to get him to put weight on and go back to being my energetic boy who was always happy and always wore a doggy smile. He was a fighter and never took shit from anyone or any other pet, there was a reason I would call him my Little Gummy Shark, when he was hyper he was my Little Bean, but he will always be my Baby, My Jordie. While I lost my baby, my other dog Patch lost a brother, Jordie has been the only dog that he has welcomed with open paws, they were brothers and had each other’s back, they were 2 peas in a pod and generally would always be together. I will always love him, he became my entire world, and when he left, he left paw prints on my heart that will always be his. There aren't words to express how much I miss him and how much I will always love him.



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