Leo Finn Boyle - 2015

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Leo Finn Boyle | 2007 - February 6, 2015


Leo was a very special pussy cat and I had the pleasure of his company for only almost 8 years due to him getting CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease).


I love how Leo would mostly be sitting on or near me. If I was making the bed or folding clothes, even going to the toilet or having a shower, Leo would be there watching or getting in the way like playing with the bedding or sitting in the basket on the unfolded clothes.


I’d often visit Leo if he wasn’t with me and he’d happily greet me with a cute little meow and bump heads with me, sometimes even jump up for a cuddle, he loved cuddles and so did I. Leo had a unique way of asking to go outside... he would stair and start patting me and say ‘meh meh’ or start rolling around and upside down on the floor to get my attention.


Leo was my Beautiful, Wonderful, Fluffy, Snugly, Smoochy Pussy Cat and he will always hold a special place in my heart!


- Melsy & Joshy

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