Angel Ashes can be of comfort to any in need

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On October 23rd 2008 I lost both my beautiful dogs. Gypsy had been going downhill for about a year, but being a selfish human being, like we all can be, I kept her going even though I knew the end was in sight. Morgan, my beautiful boy, so ill even with medication, he was not to see through till the end of the week, so with a heavy heart, I decided to get our vet to come to our home to put them to sleep together, as they were inseparable.


A few days previous, our vet recommended us to telephone Angel Ashes and to talk with the girls, as they seemed very passionate about their new venture. We did this, even though the thought of talking about we would do was upsetting, but we felt very privileged to have met and talked with Melanie and Faline.


The day we had both Gypsy and Morgan put to sleep, Melanie and Faline came to our home to meet us and to take both my babies back to Portland with them to have them cremated. I cannot express my thanks enough, to both of them, for the compassion and love that they showed to both John and myself on the loss of our kiddies.


I would recommend the girls and their service to any person who has to make the hard decision to send their beloved companions to Rainbow Bridge. We hope that the girls from Angel Ashes can be of comfort to any in need, now or in the future.


- Judith & John

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